Enjoyment in the Salzkammergut

It Can Be Different

There are alternatives to the methods of the commercial food industry. For example, organic farming is a true success story. At the moment, approximately 3,900 farms with over 71,000 hectares make up the core of organic farming in Upper Austria. A portion of these are located within the Salzkammergut. The variety is enormous, and the prices of the products are reasonable. The exceptional quality of the organic products lies in the philosophical pillars of organic farming such as the avoidance of easily soluble mineral fertilizers and chemically-synthetic pesticides, the humane treatment of animals and use of GMO-free, organic feed and the preservation and advancement of biodiversity.

We solely cook with natural products and food sources from local farmers and producers. Depending on the time of the year, we prepare only those products which are locally and seasonally grown simply because they taste better. Naturally we make our own pasta, and our homemade dish of hearts and lights is a classic. At our in-house shop, guests can purchase homemade goods to take home with them. When it comes to food, there should be no differences due to economic class. Therefore, we take great care to keep prices moderate.

Attention Meat-Lovers!

What happens when you read the phrase ‘dry-aged beef’? Does it make your mouth water? A ragout from young venison with a blueberry sauce and bread dumplings? Something light for summertime? What about a green salad with marinated plums, a raspberry vinaigrette and roasted lamb filet? Read more about our meat entrees!

Freshly caught fish

Fish from our crystal clear rivers and lakes are an important resource for us. Therefore, we are a member of the Enjoyment Region ‘Salzkammergut Reinanke’. Our specialty is rock salt-crusted Hallstatt char, which is a variation of the Italian classic, ‘Branzino in Sea Salt Crust’, as well as local reinanke (whitefish) sautéed in butter. This way to fish-filled waters! Are you ready to dive in?

Video Icon by openclipart.orgIn this video, you can watch the preparation of freshly caught trout in a rock salt crust.

Vegetarian or Vegan?

Vegetarians can always find something special at the Goiserer Mühle. Homemade pasta, creamy risottos with fish or mushrooms, and all types of freshly harvested vegetables prepared in a wide-variety of ways await you!
Avocados, oyster mushrooms, seitan, tempeh, tofu skins, soya, tofu, grains, coconut, almonds, rice, yeast, sugar beet molasses, agave nectar, maple syrup, agar sugar, fruits and vegetables! These are all ingredients for a multi-course vegan’s dream! Be prepared to be surprised!