Fresher is Impossible

That’s easy for us to say. We’re located in the middle of an incredibly beautiful lake district which also includes amazing rivers and streams. Here in the Inner Salzkammergut, we have an extremely wide variety of crystal clear fishing waters.

For years, one of our most important partners has been the Austrian Forestry Service which has been especially devoted to the preservation of wild fishing in the area.

Wild fish are fish in their most natural form. They live totally untouched by human hands and spend at least three years undisturbed in the wild in order to guarantee the future continuation of the species as well as a minimum harvesting size. The first documented mention of professional fishing in the Salzkammergut was in 1280. Just as it was then, today’s professional fishermen of the forestry service conduct their trade from traditional boats called ‘Plätten’. Typical of the Salzkammergut, these long, narrow wooden boats serve as the fishermen’s transportation and are used to set and collect fishing nets. The weave of the nets adheres to a set size so that fish which are too small can stay in their natural habitat. Through measures like these, the forestry services ensures that the yearly fish harvest doesn’t outpace the natural growth rate of young fish.

Our specialty at the Goiserer Mühle is trout in a rock salt crust. Guten Appetit!

Video Icon by openclipart.orgIn this video, you can watch the preparation of freshly caught trout in a rock salt crust.