No Meat, No Problem

Vegetarian or vegan?

For vegetarians, the only question is whether or not dairy products, eggs, fish or shellfish are part of your diet. For decades, Willi Eberl has been cooking all types of cuisine including vegetarian dishes. Even seven-course menus have been designed on the spot! For this reason, there’s exciting culinary enjoyment for all guests—nothing is left out.

The vegan diet is not only a special type of nutritional plan but also encompasses a particular world view. Vegans abstain from any food products stemming from animals in order to avoid animal exploitation. In addition to food stuffs such as meat, milk and dairy products, eggs, gelatine and honey, vegans also avoid the use of clothing made from leather or wool. Essentially, veganism developed from the vegetarian lifestyle. Living on a vegan diet can present challenges. Forbidden products can be found in unexpected places. For example, gelatine is sometimes used during wine production. It isn’t enough that a particular food be meatless. The production process must also be free of animal-based products. For this reason, some vegans are reluctant to venture far from home in order to enjoy a meal. When one can truly savour a great meal in the company of friends, the pleasure is even more intense. True vegan dishes are prepared at the Goiserer Mühle—all without any hidden fouls.

This has become a new pet passion of patron Willi Eberl. And it’s a lot of fun to please both the eye and the palate. Willi also refuses to simply replace meat with tofu-based imitations. He ambitiously strives to create something unique and has opened new doors for regular customers in the area who practice veganism.