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Hiking in the Salzkammergut

Magnificent natural scenery

The Salzkammergut, with its 76 lakes, the numerous Glücksplätzen (places of happiness) and the imposing limestone massifs of the Dachstein, Totem Gebirge and Höllengebirge, counts as one of Austria’s most beautiful areas. Crystal clear water of drinking quality and high peaks with breathtaking views inspired already many artists in and monarchs of the past.

Dachstein hiking world

If you prefer an easy tour to get you started, we recommend the Traunreiterweg (named after the Traun riders) along the river Traun or the historic Soleleitungs-Weg (brine pipeline path) that follows the path of salt, from Hallstatt to Ebensee. Or hike the trail along the east bank of Lake Hallstatt, one of the most beautiful hiking trails throughout the Salzkammergut. If you like it a bit more challenging, hike to the Hütteneckalm or the Predigtstuhl. On request we also always enjoy taking guided walks with our guests.