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Holiday in the Salzkammergut

White Gold

The Salzkammergut owes its name to salt. The Habsburgs delegated control of the salt industry to the imperial treasury, and thus the name ‘Salzkammergut’ (salt chamber) was born. Still today the world's oldest pipeline runs from Hallstatt to Ebensee. Geographically, it comprises three provinces: Upper Austria, Styria and Salzburg.

Natural and Cultural Landscape

The natural landscape of the Salzkammergut, with its impressive mountains and crystal clear rivers and lakes that all have drinking water quality, is unique worldwide. The region includes world famous sites such as the Seeschloss Orth in Gmunden, Hallstatt along with the Dachstein as a UNESCO World Heritage site, St. Wolfgang celebrated in Ralph Bernatzkys operetta ‘Das weiße Rössl am Wolfgangsee’ or the Ausseerland with its famed ‘Daffodil Festival’.